Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wind, power woodcut

Today I made a print of my newest woodcut. This one happened much more quickly and with much more planning than usual. I had been visualizing different versions of it for a while, then I made a quick mock-up of sorts in Illustrator, then once I was happy with the composition, away I cut.
I achieved the 2 color effect by cutting my half-finished woodcut with a saber saw to separate the 2 areas. Maybe in the serious printmaking world people might find another way to accomplish both colors in the same print, but since I am pretty handy with a saw, this seemed to be the easiest way.
I've debated cleaning up the background of the powerline poles, but I've decided that it would look too clean and not as rugged and woodcut-y.
Here's a photo of the woodcut itself, with both pieces of wood pushed together. When making the prints, I ink the pieces separately, then I pull masking tape tight around the external edge of the rectangle, securing both pieces together and allowing myself to easily make the whole print at once.