Monday, June 20, 2011

Where the caged goose quacks

My newest print is a tribute to our dear friend, the quacking goose. I just love a good birdcage, and every bird looks a tiny bit cuter in a cage, even if it isn't the ideal living condition for a flying critter. Lets just say that this goose was bad (he hissed and snapped at some little kids), so he is spending some time to think about his actions in this pretty cage.
I'm trying to incorporate a bit more solid inked areas in my prints. I know I have a tendancy to just carve, carve, carve and my prints turn out too white for my tastes. I really had to stop myself from carving more on this one.
This one with white ink on charcoal/navy paper is my first and probably favorite print with this block. I just love white ink, and I'm so excited about colored paper all of a sudden. I always prefer a white matte, so any of these with a white matte become a million times more dynamic than a print on white paper.
This one is for the little girl goose lovers out there. You know who you are.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ahoy mateys! This is my newest print. The name was so last minute, and it somehow makes me like the print a million times more. It can be fun to make little prints (this one is 5" x 7"ish) that aren't too serious and involved. And, I sell tons more small ones than I do large ones... So, I've got to give the people what they want (within reason, of course)!
Here it is scanned in, looking totally different for some reason.
Another new print is on the way. I just finished carving it but I haven't printed it yet. It involves a goose and a cage, so its bound to be amazing! I'm predicting lots of geese in the future of my prints. They are just so loud and goofy, especially when hissing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

where things begin

Last night I had a show at the Octopus Ink Gallery in downtown Anchorage. We took a few iPhone photos of the crowd:

I sent some photos of my prints to the Anchorage Press and hooray! they put one in the paper.