Friday, October 11, 2013

Oil & Ink

My husband and I have an art show up right now in Anchorage at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge. This is Daniel's first ever art show, but won't be his last. Below are our postcards for the show:

And here is everything hung up at Modern Dwellers:
Several of my prints were brand new, and like I said, none of Daniel's oil paintings had been shown before.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

2 new prints

 It's been a while since I've posted anything, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on things!
Here is "Factory Whale", which is for sale on Etsy here.
The print has one yellow spot, which makes things a little more exciting. I've printed it on light blue and white paper so far.

My next new print is my interpretation of my husband's oil painting of a corn crib in Iowa:
This was the first time I had ever reinterpreted someone else's artistic vision, and I found it really enjoyable. I like that my finished print is twice removed from the original subject.

 This is one of my favorite prints yet, I think because there are many different textures going on at once. I love the solid teal door too. This one is for sale on Etsy here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Indiana Black Walnut dining room table

(Above photo shows my two original directions for the table.)
 A Black Walnut tree grew on my grandparents' farm in Mishawaka, Indiana before I was born. Eventually it needed to come down and it was sawed into planks. My parents moved from Indiana to Georgia a few years later and brought some of the Walnut with them, and soon after I was born. Twenty seven years later, I wanted a prettier, sturdier dining table and I knew exactly what wood to use for the top. I made a few iterations in Google Sketchup (my favorite CAD program for the price!) and figured out how much Walnut I needed. My dad bundled and shipped the Walnut to me. I had a local woodworker glue up, clamp, and plane the table top for me. I ordered the aprons and legs from, which will custom make any turned leg imaginable. Then I assembled the base, slapped on some yellow paint, and attached the top.
(The above image shows that my final design turned out to be very accurate compared to the finished table.)

 Some friends of mine were skeptical of the farmhouse look of the table with my (knock-off) Eames wire chairs, since the two styles are so different. But, I designed the table as a compliment for the chairs. I love the chunky, turned leg with the clean eiffel tower base. I painted the legs and aprons the yellow color because I thought it brought the table out of traditional farmhouse territory to somewhere more funky and unexpected. We've been using the table for almost two months now, and I really love it.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Work from Squam Art Camp

In September, I attended Squam Art Camp near Manchester, New Hampshire. I took a "Simple Screenprinting" class, which was sort of a low-tech, kitchen table sort of screenprinting class, and a mixed media painting class. I didn't really go with the intention to learn new skills, since I've screenprinted and painted quite a bit. I mostly went because the idea of just working on art for days at a time sounded excellent, and to find some new inspiration. The first 6 photos are from Simple Screenprinting class, and the first 5 were all taken by my classmate Meegan Zimmerman. These are all designs I worked on in class.

As with any art/design project I work on, I am nothing if not prolific. I produced yards and yards of printed fabric in just a few hours. I'm now working on zippered pouches made from this fabric.

Below are photos from "C'mon, Let's Play", the mixed media painting class I took.

The above painting began with me spending 2 minutes with it, then it got passed around the class and everyone spent 2 minutes adding something to it. When it returned to me, I spent probably 45 minutes editing it. The process was pretty interesting, and the result is drastically different than my original intention.

And lastly, me with the 3 paintings I worked on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flash! Love! Roar! First Friday show

Here are some photos (just Iphone photos!) from my First Friday show at Terra Bella, which is up until October.
The wall color was great for making the blacks and whites of my prints pop.

Here is a poster that I made for the event that I hung up around town.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Another new print! This one is called "Spark!". The above photo is my carved piece of linoleum.
The above print is my "test print" that I made to see how things were looking.

I printed a turquoise circle first, then printed my main print on top.. for some added "spark". I really like the big frame around the image. I will definitely have to do more frame prints in the future.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Roar! This is my newest linocut print. I really like how this turned out.
I've been trying to encorporate more "randomness" into my prints lately. My first few prints were totally random, because I was just figuring out how different carvings would actually print. I guess I was more concerned with testing things out than I was with the composition. Then, all I thought about was the composition/story the print was telling and I left like the prints were missing some "random". Anyway, here is a shot at random, or random animals at least.
I was going to carve a new piece of linoleum for the "roar!" area, but then realized that I could reuse my chevron pattern I had previously carved. I really like how it works with this.
Black and white ink on colored paper... I just can't help myself!