Friday, July 20, 2012


Roar! This is my newest linocut print. I really like how this turned out.
I've been trying to encorporate more "randomness" into my prints lately. My first few prints were totally random, because I was just figuring out how different carvings would actually print. I guess I was more concerned with testing things out than I was with the composition. Then, all I thought about was the composition/story the print was telling and I left like the prints were missing some "random". Anyway, here is a shot at random, or random animals at least.
I was going to carve a new piece of linoleum for the "roar!" area, but then realized that I could reuse my chevron pattern I had previously carved. I really like how it works with this.
Black and white ink on colored paper... I just can't help myself!

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