Sunday, December 9, 2012

Work from Squam Art Camp

In September, I attended Squam Art Camp near Manchester, New Hampshire. I took a "Simple Screenprinting" class, which was sort of a low-tech, kitchen table sort of screenprinting class, and a mixed media painting class. I didn't really go with the intention to learn new skills, since I've screenprinted and painted quite a bit. I mostly went because the idea of just working on art for days at a time sounded excellent, and to find some new inspiration. The first 6 photos are from Simple Screenprinting class, and the first 5 were all taken by my classmate Meegan Zimmerman. These are all designs I worked on in class.

As with any art/design project I work on, I am nothing if not prolific. I produced yards and yards of printed fabric in just a few hours. I'm now working on zippered pouches made from this fabric.

Below are photos from "C'mon, Let's Play", the mixed media painting class I took.

The above painting began with me spending 2 minutes with it, then it got passed around the class and everyone spent 2 minutes adding something to it. When it returned to me, I spent probably 45 minutes editing it. The process was pretty interesting, and the result is drastically different than my original intention.

And lastly, me with the 3 paintings I worked on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flash! Love! Roar! First Friday show

Here are some photos (just Iphone photos!) from my First Friday show at Terra Bella, which is up until October.
The wall color was great for making the blacks and whites of my prints pop.

Here is a poster that I made for the event that I hung up around town.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Another new print! This one is called "Spark!". The above photo is my carved piece of linoleum.
The above print is my "test print" that I made to see how things were looking.

I printed a turquoise circle first, then printed my main print on top.. for some added "spark". I really like the big frame around the image. I will definitely have to do more frame prints in the future.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Roar! This is my newest linocut print. I really like how this turned out.
I've been trying to encorporate more "randomness" into my prints lately. My first few prints were totally random, because I was just figuring out how different carvings would actually print. I guess I was more concerned with testing things out than I was with the composition. Then, all I thought about was the composition/story the print was telling and I left like the prints were missing some "random". Anyway, here is a shot at random, or random animals at least.
I was going to carve a new piece of linoleum for the "roar!" area, but then realized that I could reuse my chevron pattern I had previously carved. I really like how it works with this.
Black and white ink on colored paper... I just can't help myself!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello friends, I have a whopping 3 new prints, and here's one of them! I had a printmaking productivity lull there for a while but it appears that I'm back to my prolific self.
I'm calling it "Trek".
According to popular opinion, gray and yellow are the best.

It's for sale on Etsy in yellow!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

doe re mi, a paper mache' deer head

After admiring some of the lovely faux ceramic animal heads on the market lately (these are from Williams-Sonoma), I had a'hankerin' to make my own, but in a lighter and easier to assemble material- paper mache'!
My original plan was to paint my dear doe in gloss white to mimic the look of ceramic, but then I had the idea to use sheet music. A trip to the thrift store left me with a book on harmony (which perhaps I should have read before ripping to shreds) to cover my deer with.
And of course I must include a process shot, because what sort of DIYer would I be if I didn't?
She came a long way, huh?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring Day Springbok

So, this print had to be influenced by Apocalypto in some way. I had been doodling arrows before watching the movie, and I was flipping through my animal illustration book, and then while watching the movie, this print idea developed. I love kudus and springboks, and it was far time to make a print of one of them.
After establishing the springbok/arrow theme, I liked the idea of the springbok somehow "loving" even though he was being killed. So, it turned out that his love/soul escaped through the arrow shot.
Obviously the first photo here was my initial sketch (on used paper, of course), then a test print to see how things were looking, then a print in blue ink to work on registration with the background pattern.
I am happy with this print. It happened much more quickly than usual, too, which is a plus. I used to not think about prints so much, and they turned out (debate-ably) better. I think the background print is interesting enough to.... provide interest, while not stealing the show.. which is exactly how it should be, at least in this case.
Whats next? I've got a wolf growl image that must become a print one way or another! Onward, ho!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

a bird in the hand is worth...?

Finally, a new print! I really like the amount of solid black, solid white, and lines in this one. To me, it feels really balanced as far as that goes. I also like the Northern Lights/acid rain effect of the lines in the sky. I debated on making this a 2-color print, because I almost feel like I'm cheating when I use only one color these days, but I think this works in just black ink.
A good pal of mine has a somewhat new daughter named Raven and she said I should make a raven print, so I did. The ravens in Alaska are GIGANTIC and hop around on their GIANT feet like maniacs and open garbage bags just to spread the garbage in the road, so I thought they seemed worthy of my making a print of one of them.
I seem to be incapable of taking good photos of my prints, ack!