Saturday, January 7, 2012

a bird in the hand is worth...?

Finally, a new print! I really like the amount of solid black, solid white, and lines in this one. To me, it feels really balanced as far as that goes. I also like the Northern Lights/acid rain effect of the lines in the sky. I debated on making this a 2-color print, because I almost feel like I'm cheating when I use only one color these days, but I think this works in just black ink.
A good pal of mine has a somewhat new daughter named Raven and she said I should make a raven print, so I did. The ravens in Alaska are GIGANTIC and hop around on their GIANT feet like maniacs and open garbage bags just to spread the garbage in the road, so I thought they seemed worthy of my making a print of one of them.
I seem to be incapable of taking good photos of my prints, ack!

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Dirk De Laet said...

beautiful work of art