Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Octopus Love Search

The Octopus Ink gallery here in Anchorage just celebrated its two-year anniversary, and to celebrate all of us artist folks created octopus themed work. I knew I wanted a patterned background and I always love a good honeycomb pattern, so that part was easy. I had a hard time deciding what the octopus should be doing. Originally I had this idea of the octopus yelling something ala Russian Constructivism, like this:
Which would be super cool, but the triangular "yell" shape somehow made me think of the light of a flashlight, which obviously needs to be shining on something... and well, you see where it ended up. I really love Russian Constructivist graphic design, but this octopus print is clearly not it! Another print, perhaps!
Anyway, I love the yellow/gold paper. And I can't get enough of printing with white ink. And I also kind of love that the eyes of the octopus look a bit insane.

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