Sunday, December 9, 2012

Work from Squam Art Camp

In September, I attended Squam Art Camp near Manchester, New Hampshire. I took a "Simple Screenprinting" class, which was sort of a low-tech, kitchen table sort of screenprinting class, and a mixed media painting class. I didn't really go with the intention to learn new skills, since I've screenprinted and painted quite a bit. I mostly went because the idea of just working on art for days at a time sounded excellent, and to find some new inspiration. The first 6 photos are from Simple Screenprinting class, and the first 5 were all taken by my classmate Meegan Zimmerman. These are all designs I worked on in class.

As with any art/design project I work on, I am nothing if not prolific. I produced yards and yards of printed fabric in just a few hours. I'm now working on zippered pouches made from this fabric.

Below are photos from "C'mon, Let's Play", the mixed media painting class I took.

The above painting began with me spending 2 minutes with it, then it got passed around the class and everyone spent 2 minutes adding something to it. When it returned to me, I spent probably 45 minutes editing it. The process was pretty interesting, and the result is drastically different than my original intention.

And lastly, me with the 3 paintings I worked on.

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