Monday, December 17, 2007

2d + 3d = 5d?

Finally, the prototype of my flat-pack lamp is finished! (I apologize for my old-timey-looking photos)
Here are all of the parts. Close your eyes and imagine that they just came in the mail in a box.

I'm still making some adjustments so that it can't be put together incorrectly. Still, sadly, I think I'll need to include instructions.
Here is the skeleton, all put together.

Then, the nylon tube is stretched over the skeleton. (This part still needs some work.. I have to hold the frame with my knees and fight with the nylon to get it on. So, I'm thinking maybe a zipper? Zippers on lampshades seem odd, though. Buttons have been ruled out already.)

Ta da!


Jellybeanlupin said...

Hello again. Happy New year! Your lamp is great. How about velcro for holding the shade on? Does the shade have to go on the outside of the frame? Could you have a tube held somehow at the top and bottom on the inside with loops (or just two horizontal cuts creating a hole) that the shade-frame's elements could pass through, near the vertical middle, pulling the tube out towards them? That way the lamp's structure would remain evident. I don't know if I explained that well enough. Anyway hope you find a way to get the whole thing to work.

Joao said...

have you seen
great work!