Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cermics and dinosaurs?

Well, I've been doing lots of things but not telling the blog about any of them.
I finished up another ceramics class and below are my favorite legged items (on a chair I made, of course). I have some fun mugs that I couldn't bare to give away, so I'll post pictures of those soon.

I'm working on some custom colored wooden goods. I'm using a lot of mustard yellow spraypaint. Here is a SAURUS in my very advanced outdoor spraybooth:


hayliebird said...

SARA!! i had no idea you had a blog!! i have had so much fun catching up on your life here- you are still the most productive girl i ever knew. i hope florida is treating you well and it seems like you have about the coolest job evah. i am totally jealous and so very proud of you. we should catch up soon- i would love to hear more about your life these days.
miss you.

The Saxton's said...

Yo, Ingrid, I still have that plate you brought your rice crispie treats in... I need to bring it back to yo momma, bet she misses it!