Wednesday, November 21, 2007

fun with FDM!

Recently I designed a lampshade to be 3d printed. I love the idea of using this technology to produce forms that would otherwise be impossible to make. When setting out to design this lampshade, I did research on light itself. I hate to just design something pretty without any thought behind it.

Anyway, here's my little write-up about it:

"In 1803, English physicist Thomas Young passed a beam of light through two parallel slits in an opaque screen, forming a pattern of alternating light and dark bands on a white surface beyond. Young’s “double-slit experiment” proved that light travels in waves. The PARTICLE DIVIDING LAMP was inspired by the wave-like reaction of light when encountered with slits too small to pass cleanly through."

The lampshade is comprised of two concentrically articulating shells that rotate open to project light beams onto surrounding walls or closed to softly diffuse light through the shade.

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