Thursday, November 29, 2007

new lamp idea

I've been wanting to design a lamp with an integrated shade for a while now, but the idea just never came to me. Finally I had an idea and a few days ago I started making models.
As far as what I design to sell on Etsy, I like to keep everything flat-pack and easy to ship. Lately, I've been wanting to create a volumous form using just two-dimensional planes. So, at this point I had a form that looked more or less like a rocket. Initially I was envisioning the light bulb being somewhere near the top, but still contained inside of the ribs. Here's a view showing how everything fits together:

I thought a fabric covering would soften the light a bit, so I stretched Nylon over the form:

Obviously I needed a more opaque Nylon to soften the light, but it was a start. I still didn't feel quite right about the form. I was excited about it and felt it had great possibility, but it wasn't quite there yet. Eventually I decided that the form I created would make an excellent base, but I was missing an upper shade (more like a traditional table lamp). So, the top portion of the lamp could be covered with a fabric to diffuse the light, and the base could remain open.

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