Saturday, January 5, 2008

first woodcut

I've been thinking about making a woodcut for a long time, but just started on one before Christmas. I found this paragraph in the Anderson Ranch Art Center workshop catalog that embodies everything that I find intriguing about woodcuts:

"Why explore the woodcut print today? Can such a anachronistic medium still have relevance? Is it the energy, the honest hand work, the raw physicality and interaction with once-living material? The oldest form of printing, the woodcut has a readily understood mark and a direct process that continues to intrigue makers and impact viewers."

The print is about 1' by 2.5'... My initial meaning behind the cut sort of got lost in the process, which is strange because usually the opposite happens to me. Anyway, my next one is already in the works and will be the same size. I'm really excited about it... Its going to be my reaction to industry/progress/work/etc.


bubamaca said...

Wow, this is amazing! Great details, i especcially love the sinapses! How long did it take you to carve it?

sara said...


I've been working on it off and on for 2-3 weeks.. but it was definitely large and time-consuming for my first woodcut..!

Cicada Studio said...

wow, this is so different from your wood pieces! everything looks great!

Kellybot said...

It's gorgeous! Keep up the good work.