Sunday, January 27, 2008

it's raining consumer goods

I've been working on a new woodcut. After studying industrial design in school, I've always been really intrigued by mass production. I find all the different means of production really interesting. I'm also continually amused by telling people that I'm an industrial designer, and the majority of them saying "Oh, so you design... industries?" I feel that the average person doesn't really know or care how the products they buy are made, what they're made of, or where they came from.

I've heard "money doesn't grow on trees" said to people who don't really have a concept of money's value... So I sort of ran with that idea and decided to create a woodcut that addresses this fact of many products being these mystical (magical?) sort of objects because their histories, materials, origins are mostly unknown. They might as well fall from the sky, really. So, here we've got factories creating smoke, which creates clouds, and various products rain down from the sky. The products are sort of a random hodge podge, but not totally. I feel like people who have a knowledge of industrial design but are not themselves designers say "Oh, so you make toasters and blenders and stuff?" So I thought I should throw in some of these cliches as well.

It's hard to tell whats going on in this woodcut right now, since a lot more needs to be done and I have wood chips covering a lot of it. So far with woodcuts, I've found that after I do quite a bit of cutting, it helps me to do a little test-ink-run to see how everything is working together.. So you're seeing this already partially inked, hence the blackness.


Cicada Studio said...

You're really moving! These are all so great.

jewelstreet said...

Very interesting story behind the piece. I, personally, love the piece. I like the whole fantasy but not behind it, and it has a very architectural feel to it.