Saturday, July 18, 2009

another 3 months, another woodcut

I finally finished the woodcut that I started 3 months ago in Florida! What I really like about woodcuts is that they are hard work! And, they take such a long time! I generally work very quickly and have a natural urge to produce multiples of whatever I'm making, which can sometimes get a little out of hand- sometimes I have too many of things I've made that I don't know what to do with. So, making something that can produce prints is a good solution for this urge, since it takes forever and I can make multiples that are very easy to store!
Sometimes I get so used to seeing the carved wood block that I feel almost a disconnect from the actual print, since it is positive and backward compared to how I originally envisioned the scene in my head.

I tried this one on white and tan-ish paper, but I can't decide which I prefer since they both change the feel of the print dramatically, I think.

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The Saxton's said...

Hey, that's really neat. What do you use to make the print, do you just ink it like it's a big stamp??