Monday, July 20, 2009

mustard bathroom

I undertook the massive task of removing the old wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom and painted the walls a warm mustard yellow color. I don't think these photos do the color any justice. We also replaced the vanity, towel ring, and switch covers.
I got this shelf a few years ago at a thrift store, and I still think it is so super cool. It is flat-pack and was injection molded. It has a lot of neat detail and assembles so nicely.
I also hung up some Charlie Harper-inspired paintings I did a few years ago. We're going to be putting slate floors in this bathroom, too, so no talk of the old floors just yet!


Lacey said...

That mustard color is great. And it looks like your lighting expertise came in handy. Good Work!

The Saxton's said...

Very nice. Our bathroom walls are all patchy and junk, so it still looks a little eh even after we painted. Nice job though!

The Saxton's said...

I was trying to wait until we actually finish stuff before I do the painting pics. We're finished painting, and we have new floors and cabinets, but I haven't been able to hang any pictures or anything yet. Also, yours is smooth, my walls are all crappily patched! Freshe fishe ist meine favorite fisht!